We believe that a child care program should be dedicated to meeting the needs of each child by providing a program that will stimulate growth and development in a safe nurturing and supportive environment.  We provide developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day, which will meet the social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive needs of the individual child.  Programs are designed to enhance the child's ability to build a positive self-image, increase self-confidence, and promote curiosity and initiative.

The staff will encourage creative self expression; foster positive attitudes toward self and others; emphasize language skills and communication abilities; stimulate interest in science, math, and the arts; promote health, physical growth and motor development; encourage self-discipline and recognize the fact that each child develops at his/her own unique rate.

If you would like to know more, please give us a call at (636) 387-7300 to schedule an appointment.  We would be more than happy to go over our entire curriculum book in detail.




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