"As a first time mom, it was hard enough leaving my baby to go back to work.  So I was very selective in my decision to find a day care that was not only affordable, but a place I could trust.  Dream Achievers was just that place for my little baby girl.  Their staff really gets to know your child and their individual needs.  It was comforting to know, they were not only just caring for my child, but genuinely cared about her."

LG - St. Peters, MO

"The teachers seem to love my baby almost as if there own.  The special bond they share has been a comfort and amazing to watch."

Mommy - St. Peters, MO

"It was really hard for me to go back to work after having my daughter, but when I walked into Dream Achievers when she was 6 months old, I had a good feeling and I felt comfortable. I trusted them with my baby and I'm so happy that I did. She's 3 1/2 now and they are her 2nd family. Kids here grow up together and the staff is amazing! They treat my daughter with the love and care they would want for their children or siblings."

AP Mommy - St. Peters, MO

"Having your child away from you is difficult, but knowing he/she is well-cared for and about makes it easier. We appreciate the small, nurturing environment that is flexible to our daughter's needs. It's amazing how we've watched her grow and develop; we have Dream Achievers' staff to thank for that! She's always excited about going to "school" to "play with toys and kids and teachers". She loves "singing and numbers". That's makes us realize how much they do with her".

MH Mommy - St. Peters, MO







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